I-526 extension (Letter to the Editor)

As a lifelong resident of Charleston, I am opposed to building the I-526 extension through Johns and James islands. I reside on James Island due to its suburban character defined by small roadways, open spaces, parks, privacy, quietness and the preservation of wetlands. The proposed extension will have adverse impacts on all of those characteristics.

This way of life on James Island and the rural character of Johns Island are now at risk via a half billion dollar roadway proposal known as the “Mark Clark Extension-Alternative G.”

Proponents of this plan use terms such as “parkway,” “at-grade” and “subtle” to disguise this wasteful and inefficient infrastructure proposal.

We are in need of creative and sophisticated infrastructure investments. Instead, this proposal represents business as usual that will benefit only big contractors and big egos.

A half billion dollars could go a long way in improving existing transportation systems such as sidewalks, bike lanes, commuter lanes, park and ride and many other untapped possibilities.

It’s time to close the book on a backward-looking plan.

It is ironic, and perhaps shameful, that the half cent sales tax was sold to voters as an opportunity to fund CARTA and preserve green space. However, if some local politicians have their way, those funds will be used to support a project that will destroy part of our county park, acres of wetlands, wildlife habitat and scenic views, and to degrade the Lowcountry character.

Chris Inglese

Westmoreland Avenue

Found in: Post and Courier

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