Letter to the Editor: I-526 extension

About 33 years ago the I-526 extension to James Island was plotted through a section of Oakland Subdivision. At the time that section of Oakland Subdivision was mostly swamp and river marsh.

The S.C. Highway Department should have identified that area for the I-526 extension and prevented developers from building houses and apartments in that area. The department did not.

Today, there are some 20 houses in the East Shore Lane area, The Waterway South apartment complex, and at the end of Arlington Drive there are probably over 50 houses, many three stories. Battery Haig has about 15 three-story houses, with half of them in the million-dollar bracket.

If this I-526 extension is built, several houses will have to be removed. Those at Battery Haig will be just about under the bridge and the rest will have a bank of dirt and some bridge supports for their front door or back door view in addition to the noise and fumes from the cars and trucks.

The existing I-526 extension plan causes too may problems for too many people.

Richard D. Liptak

East Shore Lane

Oakland Subdivision


Post and Courier

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