Letter to the Editor: Ignoring problem

The plan to build the I-526 extension with a 45 mph speed limit, apparently hatched to make an expressway through pristine marshland seem more environmentally friendly, is as impractical today as the toll road that was proposed years earlier.

Johns Island has two relatively new four-lane bridges that both funnel traffic into two-lane unimproved roads. The Limehouse bridge has four lanes, but only two of these lanes are used since Main Road is only two lanes wide. And on the Stono bridge, which is less than a mile from one of the proposed bridges, traffic backs up when cars merge into the two-lane portion of Maybank Highway. It would make more sense to upgrade the island’s roads instead of relying on additional four-lane bridges.

Not only will the I-526 project do little to relieve congestion of the two-lane roads, it will permanently scar the area’s natural beauty. Do we want to spend a half a billion dollars to build two more four-lane bridges to an island that has no four-lane roads?

Edward Carraway

Palmcrest Drive

Johns Island

Post and Courier

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