Try Rail Instead

The S.C. Department of Transportation’s I-526 proposal is an irresponsible waste of taxpayers’ money. The project funding is $420 million, but the current cost estimate is $489 million.

Where is that $69 million plus going to come from? The half-cent sales tax isn’t even enough to fund CARTA. How is it going to fund this dumb road?

Johns Island has only about 14,000 residents. Do they really need four major bridges over the Stono River?

Residents of James Island get two huge new stoplights where we can sit and wait to merge.

We all lose 20-plus acres of the James Island County Park. We get thousands more cars crossing the island and lots of noise and pollution.

For what? I-526 will never be a loop because there is an ocean in the way. A half-circle connecting to U.S. 17 on both ends is the best answer for I-526. Where are all of these cars going once they get to Calhoun Street, which is already at capacity? They will back up on the connector, Harbor View and Folly Road.

It will not save us time. It will cost us time sitting at new stoplights. Kill this project once and for all — now.

The great majority of Charleston area residents live and work in the I-26 corridor. It’s time for commuter rail to Summerville. Charlotte built a light rail system and it is a huge success.

Paul S. Cantrell

East and West Street

James Island

Post and Courier

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