Help work toward better transportation in the lowcountry!

In April, County Council rejected the I-526 extension:

6-0 with a vote against alternative G. (SCDOT’s preferred alternative)

5-3 for ‘no build’ with a request that the funds be used to improve existing roads, not build more highways.

Next,  the SIB board has asked the County to reimburse the state for the money spent thus far.  We believe the County operated within their right and chose the ‘no build’ option.  This has always been a choice that they could have made and they should not be punished for following the process and choosing this option.

County Council rescinded their no-build vote to avoid rumored default with the SIB and the project has not been discussed in public since.  The SIB’s failure to recognize the County’s opposition to the project is a statewide issue: our transportation infrastructure bank was created to fund projects of statewide significance across the state.  I-526 does not solve traffic problems, doe not yet have its permits (in fact 4 regulatory agencies recommended denying the permits), is met with local opposition and is at least $70 million dollars over budget.  Charleston County taxpayers would be responsible for this overrun.  Yet, the SIB continues to pledge money to this project!

Contact the SIB and state elected officials today and tell them that you are opposed to the I-526 extension.  You count on them for leadership and expect them to focus on statewide priorities and not political projects.

Contact County Council and tell them you support their opposition to the project and encourage them to remain opposed to this harmful, expensive and ineffective road project.  There are better ways to spend our time and money.

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