Letter to the Editor: traffic problem not on Johns Island

Looming problem

I am not sure what is planned for the I-526 corridor between International Drive and Rivers Avenue but what I see has me concerned. If major reconstruction isn’t started soon, by the time the Boeing plant is working at full capacity, that stretch of road is going to be a mess.

Passengers traveling to and from the airport will face large backups. Boeing workers will face massive tie-ups at shift changes. Daily commuters will have nightmarish morning and afternoon commutes.

I could be mistaken, and I hope I am, but from what I see, not much is being done to get ahead of this curve.

As soon as Boeing was announced, did anyone ask the question, “What are we going to do to fix this looming problem?”

This stretch of road will become the biggest traffic problem in the Lowcountry. What is being done?

Stew Williams

Chisolm Road

Johns Island

Post and Courier

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