I-526 extension (Letter to the Editor)

A few days ago I went to the county library to view three huge binders regarding the I-526 extension proposal. It would be helpful if they issued some Cliff Notes — far too many things to make a head droop from disillusion.

Here’s one: According to the S.C. Department of Transportation statistics, the noise pollution resulting from this project would have no impact on James Island County Park. It’s interesting that the Highway Department would usurp 19 acres of county park and claim that there would be no noise emanating from a multi-lane highway traversing it.

They also claim there would be no noise pollution affecting Murray LaSaine School. The behemoth vehicles barreling right past the school and the cacophony of jackhammers and pile driving concomitant to highway construction are as nothing according to these statistics — effectively trivializing those students and the teachers who try to give them an education.

Factor in property that would be condemned from the James Island connector to the county park and one would be hard pressed to fault those who consider this “favored proposal” as reeking of Jim Crow recidivism.

David Mikell

Bears Bluff Road

Wadmalaw Island

Letter to the Editor: Post and Courier

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