Charleston County plans to spend $489 million to extend I-526 through Johns Island to James Island. The I-526 extension is a half a billion dollar investment that only improves average commute time by under 2 minutes and extends infrastructure to rural Johns Island and over many homes and neighborhoods on James Island and West Ashley.

$489 million dollars for 2 minutes of travel time improvement.

There are better ways to spend our time and money.

To improve congestion and our quality of life, we need a better, positive vision for Charleston. This vision includes roads with less congestion, but also transformation of our major commercial centers – overcrowded with cars today –  into great places where people want to shop, walk, and enjoy their community and surroundings.

We want to think about how we want to grow. We want to think about how we can better spend our time and money. We want to see Charleston thrive using environmentally safe mass transit systems, like light rail or street cars,  and with improvements to our already existing infrastructure.

Nearly Half of a Billion Dollars.  Can our money be better spent?


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