Editorial: Seek State aid for Crosstown

Charleston has a flooding problem on the Crosstown that will cost $146 million to fix. It is generally agreed that the project needs to be done, but there isn’t the money to do so.

Charleston has another project, the extension of Interstate 526 across Johns and James islands, that has been awarded $420 million by the State Infrastructure Bank. Continue reading

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Letter to the Editor: traffic problem not on Johns Island

Looming problem

I am not sure what is planned for the I-526 corridor between International Drive and Rivers Avenue but what I see has me concerned. If major reconstruction isn’t started soon, by the time the Boeing plant is working at full capacity, that stretch of road is going to be a mess. Continue reading

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I-526 and the impact on land use and displacement

Descendants of freed slaves recount lives in new book

Bill Thompson

February 13, 2011

“If more land is lost, writes Frazier, some fear that already imperiled Gullah traditions might be further diminished or even lost. The Coastal Community Foundation is concerned with precisely this trend and how the residential and commercial growth accompanying the 1992 completion of the Mark Clark Expressway (Interstate 526) has and will continue to alter the area’s character.”

Continue reading

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Letter to the Editor: No to I-526

No’ to I-526

I have heard much about what the I-526 extension would do. But what has been said about what it would destroy? The farm land will be gone, but who needs to eat? Property that has been in some families for generations will be cut up, and what about scenic River Road? The trees hanging over the road are so nice. It makes you think of times before cars.

Folks at Kiawah and Seabrook are not happy with the roads they travel on.

So what?

They can live with it. All that money and power is not the voice of all the people. We do not want another James Island. It is a concrete jungle with no personality.

Johns Island is rural and I like it that way.

Oppose the I-526 extension. Let us live without a lot of progress and more growth on an island that is already too full. Let’s see some land that is free of stuff.

Anna Barnett

Habitat Boulevard

Johns Island

Post and Courier

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Commentary: I-526 failed to consider data and citizens’ input

The South Carolina Department of Transportation’s Mark Clark Expressway Draft Environmental Impact Statement published last July is 500 pages long. Its appendices and public comments add 1,500 more pages.

This study recommends the construction of a four-lane parkway from the Savannah Highway end of I-526 to the Folly Road end of the James Island Expressway. Continue reading

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Editorial: I-526 ‘parkway’ a non-starter

In last year’s hearings on the I-526 extension, there was virtually no public support for the “parkway” proposal submitted by the state Department of Transportation. There is no good reason to pursue construction of the project as planned — assuming that the DOT has a responsibility to listen to the public.

Continue reading

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I-526 resolution still out of reach

Charleston County, SCDOT trade barbs over plan

David Slade

The nearly half-billion-dollar game of cat-and-mouse over plans to extend or complete the Mark Clark Expressway continued last week, with little progress resolving the months-long impasse between Charleston County and the South Carolina Department of Transportation.

At stake in the negotiations is the completion of the expressway, under consideration since the early 1970s, the financial well-being of property owners in the path of the proposed road, and a very, very large amount of taxpayer money. Continue reading

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The State:Charleston project holds up Columbia roadwork

By SAMMY FRETWELL -  sfretwell@thestate.com
A planned $500 million highway in Charleston that many Lowcountry residents oppose is preventing the state from awarding money for major road, rail and bridge projects in other parts of South Carolina. Continue reading
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Commentary: The future was Tuesday: Port traffic a mere preview

“Making predictions is very difficult, especially about the future.”

– Yogi Berra

Yogi Berra was right most of the time. But Tuesday’s massive traffic jam provided a preview of a future that is not difficult to predict. Apparently, a three-day weekend aligned with a change in port operations to produce what The Post and Courier called “traffic chaos” in North Charleston. To paraphrase Al Jolson, “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

In just four years, Boeing and its suppliers will be fully up and running, more containerized cargo will arrive through a wider Panama Canal, a major wind turbine testing facility at the Navy Base will be operating and residential and commercial development will increase as the economy recovers. What this means for the future is crystal clear. Tuesday’s “traffic chaos” will no longer be worthy of front page coverage. It will be a part of everyday life, unless we take steps today to prevent it. Continue reading

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I-526 expansion still not settled: Property owners seek decision as state waits on county

With plans to complete the Mark Clark Expressway still unsettled, an increasing number of property owners in the potential path of the road are anxious for the state to either buy their land or make a firm decision to abandon the project. Continue reading

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